Medicaid-CHIP-Dental-Care-Irving-TXMedicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) dental care extends coverage to patients who are uninsured or underinsured. This federal program helps families provide comprehensive coverage to their children—especially families that struggle with the costs of out-of-pocket expenses or those who cannot afford insurance from their employers. Each state can design the benefits offered by Medicaid and CHIP as long as the plans meet the minimum federal requirements. Our practice, Robert E. Morgan, DDS, and Associates, accepts Medicaid and CHIP coverage in addition to many employer-based and private dental insurance plans.

For dental care, CHIP strives to reduce the prevalence of certain dental conditions—especially tooth decay—among children. The CHIP program in the state of Texas provides coverage for preventative services such as professional cleanings and checkups along with restorative and emergency services when needed. Dental coverage of underinsured children has been advocated by many medical and dental professionals throughout the United States to help improve their oral health.

When left untreated, tooth decay can negatively affect a child’s quality of life. Severe decay can lead to infection and moderate discomfort, all of which can affect a child’s developmental and academic progress. Tooth decay can also impede proper speech. Unlike other tissues in the body, teeth cannot heal on their own. This is why decayed or damaged teeth require restorations such as fillings and crowns.

Our team will help you understand your benefits coverage and give you resources to help you apply for programs that fall under Medicaid. We will also file your Medicaid and CHIP claims along with filing private insurance claims. To learn more about the insurance plans and programs we accept or to schedule a checkup, contact our practice today.