Dental-Cleanups-Checkups-Irving-TXDid you know that pediatric dentists possess extra training and additional education to treat children? In fact, a pediatric dentist must complete specialty training in pediatric dentistry after earning his or her doctorate in dentistry. When scheduling check-ups and cleanings for your child, rest assured that visiting a pediatric dentist at our practice means that your child will receive care specific to his or her unique dental needs.

Dental cleanings are an essential part of establishing and maintaining a healthy mouth. Cleanings remove tartar buildup, which is a major contributor to gum disease and tooth decay. Using special tools, our dental hygienists will gently and precisely scrape away all tartar deposits on the teeth and polish teeth to a healthy shine. Receiving a dental cleaning does not produce discomfort and only takes about 30 minutes. Our dental hygienists strive to make our young patients feel welcome and happy during visits to our practice. During cleanings, our team takes the opportunity to provide important oral health education and oral hygiene instruction that is both easy-to-understand and interesting to children.

Along with regular cleanings, our patients should receive checkups twice a year. During checkups, our pediatric dentists will conduct gentle examinations that evaluate the health of teeth and gums, along with looking at structures below the surface with diagnostic imaging. This allows our team an in-depth look at every component of the oral health system, and can aid greatly in detecting potential dental conditions as early as possible.

During your child’s first few years, our dental team conducts exams to check for any congenital and developmental abnormalities that may affect tooth placement after erupting the gum line or a child’s speech patterns. If an abnormality is detected, our team will determine the appropriate course of action so that your son or daughter can enjoy healthy teeth and gums. Since children will ultimately enter the tooth transition period (where permanent teeth replace baby teeth over time) during late childhood, X-rays and examinations are crucial to determining the placement of emerging teeth and if orthodontic care and/or extractions will be necessary to ensure healthy smiles.

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