Pediatric-Dental-Surgery-Richardson-TXSometimes, pediatric dental surgery is needed—especially after an accident. A dislodged or knocked out tooth that requires reattachment and stabilization often calls for minor dental surgery. Sometimes, accidents affect the lips, insides of cheeks, and the gums, too, and require oral surgery or the need for sutures to help close and heal wounds. Severely infected or abscessed teeth may require emergency extractions.

When pediatric dental surgery is needed, our team possesses the experience and education to handle the situation and help your child reclaim his or her oral health.

In addition to restoring damaged oral structures, we have a variety of tools and techniques available to ensure that your child is at ease and comfortable during their procedure. For managing discomfort, we often use anesthetic medication or administer nitrous oxide. Procedures that require stillness or dental surgeries that are time consuming may require sedative medication to keep your child relaxed and at ease. The nature of your child’s condition will affect the approach we take. Rest assured that when medications are required, we will take many factors into consideration when determining dosage levels and we will do everything in our power to ease you and your child’s mind.

Beyond providing basic dental surgery from our practice, our pediatric dentists also hold affiliations with hospitals throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our doctors are often on call for as-needed care during emergency situations that require a hospital visit.

To learn more about our hospital affiliations, we recommend that you contact our office for a list of hospitals we work with.