Infant-Oral-Care-Lewisville-TXOur team at Robert E. Morgan, DDS, and associates understands that having a baby is an amazing experience. Many new parents ask our staff about when their child should begin visiting a dentist for checkups and how to care for their baby’s teeth and gums. Just like adults and adolescents, infants should receive dental attention on a regular basis; however, infants have unique dental health needs.

Your baby’s first checkup should occur when the first tooth erupts the gum line or near his or her first birthday. Your child’s first appointment to our office will consist of us getting to know you and your baby. We will have you fill out typical patient forms and we may inquire about your family’s dental and medical history. The examination itself will begin the process of establishing a long-term relationship with your family and familiarizing your child with our team members. During the exam, one of our pediatric dentists will evaluate the health of your child’s mouth including developed teeth and the gums along with looking for signs of abnormalities such as congenital conditions like cleft palates or potential developmental issues.

If a congenital or developmental abnormality is detected, our team will provide guidance and educate you on treatment options for your child. We will also check for signs of thrush, a common fungal infection that affects infants.

When caring for your baby’s mouth at home, our dentists recommend wiping the inside your child’s mouth with a damp, clean cloth after feedings. You should also wipe along the gums to stimulate soft tissues. As the teeth begin to emerge, use water and a specialty toothbrush made for infants to clean away debris and plaque from the teeth. Maintain regular checkups with our dentists and alert our staff to any concerns if they arise.

We are currently accepting new patients. To learn more about infant oral care or to schedule an appointment for your child, contact our office today.