Pediatric-Fillings-Richardson-TXTooth decay is especially common among younger patients because it is classified as an infectious disease. Caused by transmittable oral bacteria, tooth decay affects up to 99% of the population of the United States. Adding to the prevalence of tooth decay is the fact that young children have difficulty keeping their mouths clean with proper brushing. Consuming foods and drinks that contain high sugar content is another contributor to tooth decay. Sugar is oral bacteria’s food source and when sugar is present in the mouth, bacteria feed and multiply, thus increasing a child’s risk for tooth decay.

When a cavity develops, it must be treated with a dental restoration to stop further damage. Unlike other parts of the body like skin or bone, teeth cannot heal themselves. For this reason, restorations such as dental fillings are a common method for protecting teeth.

A filling repairs a small area of tooth decay. In addition to preventing the cavity from deepening, a filling restores the tooth to its proper shape and size. Our dentists typically use composite resin fillings, which offer many benefits to our patients. Composite resin fillings are tooth-colored and provide a natural looking restoration that is discreet and inconspicuous. This type of filling is also more biocompatible when compared to traditional metal (amalgam) fillings because it is made of a unique blend of glass and plastic. Our dentist can tint the shade of composite resin to blend seamlessly with the color of the tooth.

The structure of teeth bonds better to the chemical composition of composite resin thus requiring less tooth removal for the restoration process. As a conservative approach to addressing cavities, these fillings allow your child to retain as much of his or her natural tooth as possible.

Our team works gently with our patients so that when receiving a restoration, your child feels comfortable, relaxed and welcome.

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