Preventative-Pediatric-Care-Richardson-TXOur team at Robert E. Morgan, DDS, and Associates strives to detect and treat potential problems in their earliest stages. By taking a proactive and conservative approach to pediatric dentistry, our team can prevent the need for time-consuming or costly restorations in the future while ensuring that your child enjoys the best oral health possible.

By scheduling routine checkups and cleanings, we can catch conditions such as enamel loss, gum disease, or tooth decay in its earliest stages. The development of dental conditions can affect more than just your child’s oral health; in fact, children with severe tooth decay or untreated gum disease, experience discomfort which can lead to speech impediments and the need for extensive treatment. Children who do not receive proper dental care and develop cavities can also experience difficulty concentrating in school because of discomfort.

The state of a patient’s oral health is connected to their general health. Medical professionals and researchers have studied oral systemic health, which refers to the connection between oral health and overall health, extensively. In fact, research has shown that a variety of conditions such as diabetes can coincide with oral health issues like gum disease and tooth decay. By taking a proactive and preventative approach to treating our patients, our pediatric dentists work to establish healthy habits at an early age while also using preventative dentistry such as dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants, to keep kids’ mouths healthy and clean.

In addition to providing comprehensive pediatric care, our team focuses heavily on parent and patient education. Our assistants and hygienists are trained to explain oral health conditions to children in a way that is memorable and understandable. For example, during dental cleanings, our hygienists and dentists will show your child how to properly brush and floss their teeth while also explaining how certain factors like sugar intake can affect oral health.

To learn more about our preventative services and how we can help establish healthy habits that your child can carry into adulthood, contact our practice today to reserve a dental checkup or cleaning.